Coderch's archive was created in 1994 from the graphic, written photographic and bibliographic documentation given in storage by Josep Antoni Coderch i de Sentmenat to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The management of these titles is run by the Higher School of Architecture in el Vallès and it is located in the SC3 building of the Sant Cugat del Vallés UPC Campus.

Like most of the archives dedicated monographically to any architect's work, its main aims are:
  • To preserve and classify the different materials in deposits.
  • To improve and enlarge the original, photographic and biliographic documentation about the author.
  • To organize seminars, monographic workshops and other activities aimed to deepen the knowledge about Coderch's architecture.
  • To prepare publications about this theme.
  • To inform and assess about any particular study or concrete work visit.

Documents avalaible to be consulted:

  • Classified works or designs: 40.
  • Files being classified: 30/35.
  • Classified originals sketches: 340.
  • Classified design or work plans: 3715.
  • Photographies: 1500.
  • Slides: 500.
  • Magazines and articles: Not quantified yet.


  • E-mail information and phone consults.
  • Photocopies.
  • Photograhic copies.
  • Temporary slides loans.


Coderch's archive installations
Coderch's archive installations

Casa Puertas original sketch, Sitges 1952
Casa Puertas original sketch, Sitges 1952

Original handwritten
Ugalde's House handwritten memory